• Aloe Pro (formerly Aloe Drink)  -
  • Aloe Pro (formerly Aloe Drink)  -
  • Aloe Pro (formerly Aloe Drink)  -
  • Brand: Premier Research Labs
  • Serving Size: 3 fl oz (90mL)
  • Servings Per Container: Approx 6
Price: $10.99


    AloePro from Premier Research Labs is made with organic aloe and traditionally supports healthy digestion.

    AloePro contains pure, hand-filleted aloe liquid (inner leaf gel and pulp) without questionable preservatives (such as sodium benzoate), without questionable sweeteners (such as aspartame or sucralose) and without dilution with water. All liquid present is from the aloe's inner leaf only.

    Key Benefits:

    • Supports healthy digestion
    • Organic aloe liquid made from the inner leaf of mature aloe plants grown without chemicals
    • Full strength aloe - not diluted with water
    • Naturally contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
    • NO sodium benzoate or undesirable preservatives
    • NO added sugar, artificial flavorings or artificial colors
    • GMP Quality Assured
    • Pure Vegan

    Suggested Use: Take 3oz. daily in 3 oz. water, juice or naturally carbonated spring water for a great taste.