• Brand: Dragon Herbs
  • Serving Size: 1 scoop, provided (9 grams)
  • Servings Per Container: 30
Price: $59.95


    Tonic Alchemy is a remarkable, cutting edge, blend of 91 organic "superfoods" from all around the world-from the world's deepest oceans to the world's highest mountains. The 91 ingredients in this product come from almost every continent and every type of environment on earth. These superfoods are so nutrient-dense that just a single tablespoon of Tonic Alchemy blended with a liquid will provide more nutrition than most Americans digest in an entire day.

    Tonic Alchemy is easy to prepare and is 100% vegan. There ar no chemicals, preservatives, colors flavors or additives.

    Tonic Alchemy is made up of a number of Component Groups, totaling 91 ingredients in 1 single blend.

    • 71 Organically grown herbs, vegetables, superfoods, superfruits, super-sprouts
    • 6 wild crafted sea vegetables
    • 7 probiotic microorganisms
    • 20 major tonic herbs, including premium Reishi, Chaga, Goji, Schizandra, Rhodiola and He Shou Wu
    • 11 Probiotically predeigested tonic herbs and superfoods

    Benefits of Tonic Alchemy-
    This blend is an extraordinary health-promoting tool. By consuming one to two servings per day, you are assuring yourself of good nutrition, and you are protecting your body against the ravages of modern society. Tonic Alchemy helps to:

    Increase mental and physical energy

    • Build blood and help nourish all the tissues and every cell of the body
    • Deactivate harmful free radicals
    • Tonify all the organ systems
    • Balance intestinal flora
    • Maintain a healthy immune system
    • Help establish a healthy intestinal pH balance
    • Protect the liver, lungs, brain and other tissues from toxins and pollution
    • Improve digestion
    • Reduce chronic inflammation
    • Detoxify poisons and rid them from the body
    • Remove heavy metals from the body

    Recommended Use: Add one scoop of Tonic Alchemy to 8 oz of liquid (almond milk, any grain milk, fruit juice, etc.) Blend well until smooth, ideally in a blender. Toss in a banana for a silky texture, a few fresh fruits for added freshness, or any protein powder of your choice.